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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
CTMF_Document_v2.0.pdf.jpg2015Cafeteria Ticket Management with FingerprintTri, Tran Dinh; Dung, Nguyen Manh; Duc, Pham Minh; Tuan, Pham Anh; Anh, Nguyen Thi Lan; Tung, Le Thanh
Car Rental Management System.pdf.jpg2013Car Rental Management SystemTri, Tran Dinh; Anh, Duong Duy; Duc, Ngo Anh; Hai, Nguyen Phu; Manh, Tran Tien; Thanh, Tran Quang
TotalReportTheCommercialCenter'sRestaurantManagement.pdf.jpg2014The commercial center's restaurant managementTri, Tran Dinh; Vuong, Nguyen Tuan; Hoang, Nguyen Van; Tung, Nguyen Xuan; Vinh, Pham Sy; Thanh, Pham Ngoc
Daily Health Care_Final_Report_01688205950_QuangTTSE02020.pdf.jpg2014Daily healthcareTri, Tran Dinh; Huy, Nguyen Quang; Phuc, Nguyen Duc; Quang, Tran Trong; Thang, Nguyen Duc
DailyCook_Document.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2016DailyCookTri, Tran Dinh; Duyet, Pham The; Khanh, Do Ngoc; Ngoc, Do Duy; Ky, Phan Quy; Tung, Nguyen Thanh; Nam, Nguyen Hoai
Final report- Delivering Food Online Website.pdf.jpg2014Delivering food online websiteTri, Tran Dinh; Nhat, Duong Ngoc; Nam, Duong Hoang; Anh, Pham Duc; Son, Tan Van; Minh, Nguyen Quang
Delivery Warehouse Management.pdf.jpg2013Delivery Warehouse ManagementTri, Tran Dinh; Anh, Hoang Viet; Hai, Dao Dai; Hieu, Nguyen Trung; Nam, Pham Trung; Quan, Nguyen Quy
E-Menu - 01279100588.pdf.jpg2014E - MenuTri, Tran Dinh; Anh, Nguyen Ngoc; Hoan, Pham Van; Hoang, Nguyen The; Khang, Tran Huu; Vu, Le Anh
FinalReport.pdf.jpg2014Electronic Supermarket Management SystemTri, Tran Dinh; Nhu, Dam Dinh; Thanh, Nguyen Dai; Huynh, Nguyen The; Nghi, Tran Sach
Final Report_1 August 2013.pdf.jpg2013Family Tree = FT2013Tri, Tran Dinh; Duc, Pham Dinh; Dung, Nguyen Phuong; Huyen, Tran Thi Thu; Long, Tran Duc; Trung, Nguyen The
Healthy Me.pdf.jpg2015Healthy MeTri, Tran Dinh; Bac, Le Chi; Chi, Do Huu; Thuat, Nguyen Thien; Khoa, Nguyen Van; Duc, Le Van
Final Report.pdf.jpg2013House Finding ManagementTri, Tran Dinh; Dat, Ha Tuan; Son, Nguyen Vu; Bach, Nguyen Tung; Binh, Nguyen Thai
iTRAVEL_Capstone_Project.pdf.jpg2015iTRAVELTri, Tran Dinh; Anh, Ngo Duc; Quang, Hoang Xuan; Anh, Nguyen The; Nam, Tran Hoai; Duong, Nguyen Trong; Bac, Nguyen Viet
Job Searching System - Document Final.pdf.jpg2015Job Searching SystemTri, Tran Dinh; Tai, Huynh Duc; Thien, Nguyen Ngoc; Thai, Pham Quoc; Thien, Vo Hoan; Hoang, Trinh Van; Thanh, Tran Trung
[FinalReport]-Kukki-CaspstoneProject.pdf.jpg2015KukkiTri, Tran Dinh; Quang, Le Anh; Linh, Nguyen Hong; Tri, Do Minh; Tiep, Tran Van; Anh, Nguyen Hoang
DA2013.pdf.jpg21-May-2013l AggregatorTri, Tran Dinh; Huy, Nguyen Manh; Thuy, Nguyen Thanh; The, Dinh Van; Viet, Do Duy; Tuan, Nguyen Quoc
bcda.pdf.jpg2012Middle School ManagementTri, Tran Dinh; Hieu, Tran Van; Khac, Pham Xuan; Duc, Vu Tien; Toan, Nguyen Manh; Dinh, Nguyen Dang
MAS_Capstone Project Document_FinalReport.pdf.jpg2013Mobile Application Store = MASTri, Tran Dinh; Dat, Hoang Tien; Dung, Nguyen Viet; Quan, Nguyen Hong; Tai, Nguyen Anh; Thuy, Duong Thi
OD_Capstone_Project_Final_Report.pdf.jpg2013Online Debating = ODTri, Tran Dinh; Duc, Nguyen Minh; Hung, Tran Trong; Khanh, Nguyen Duy; Mai, Duong Thi Tuyet; Quang Pham Hong
Event Organizing Company Management System.pdf.jpg2015Online Event Organizing Company Management SystemTri, Tran Dinh; Thien, Doan Minh; Thong, Nguyen Thanh; Anh, Mai Hoang Tri; Tung, Nguyen Thanh; Thien, Pham Khanh
Showing results 1 to 20 of 36


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