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25-Aug-200823aWF-5 Rb を吸蔵したゼオライト A の電気伝導度 (23aWF ゼオライト・分子性固体, 領域 7 (分子性固体・有機導体))Truong, Cong Duan; Nguyen, Hoang Nam; 大脇, 章弘; 荒木, 新吾; 野末, 泰夫
25-Aug-200823aWF-6 ゼオライト A 中の Rb クラスターの μSR (II)(23aWF ゼオライト・分子性固体, 領域 7 (分子性固体・有機導体))Truong, Cong Duan; 中野, 岳仁; 松, 本淳; 渡邊, 功雄; 鈴木, 栄男; 川股, 隆行; A, Amato; FL, Pratt; 野末, 泰夫
29-Feb-200826aTF-10 ゼオライト A 中の Rb クラスターの μSR (ゼオライト・クラスター, 領域 7, 分子性固体・有機導体)Truong, Cong Duan; 中野, 岳仁; 松, 本淳; 渡邊, 功雄; 鈴木, 栄男; A, Amato; FL, Pratt; 野末, 泰夫
3-Mar-200928aYG-7 アルカリ金属を吸蔵したゼオライト A の電気伝導度 (28aYG ゼオライト, 領域 7 (分子性固体・有機導体))Truong, Cong Duan; Nguyen, Hoang Nam; 久保, 洋輔; 大脇, 章弘; 荒木, 新吾; 野末, 泰夫
2013A+ Guide to SoftwareAndrews, Jean
Absolute Security Solution.pdf.jpg2013Absolute Security SolutionLan, Truong Vinh; Binh, Le Thanh; Hung, Doan Quoc; Huy, Pham Nhu; Trang, Nguyen Thu
2013Academic E-book ReaderLam, Phan Truong; Nghia, Nguyen Trong; Tung, Tran Quoc; Duy, Truong Dac; Dong, Pham Dinh; Long, Le Hoang
2009ACC101-Accounting PrinciplesWild, John J; Chiappetta, Barbara; Shaw, Ken W.
2006ACC302-Managerial AccountingGarrison, Ray H; Brewer, Peter C.; Cheng, Nam Sang; Noreen, Eric W.; Yuen, Katherine C.
2009ACC305-Financial Statement AnalysisSubramanyam, K. R.; Wild, John J.
AMIE_FinalReport.pdf.jpg2011Accounting module in ERP systemKy, Nguyen Hong; Thao, Hoang Phuong; My, Luu Hang; Kien, Ta Trung; Tri, Nguyen Tan; Tiep, Nguyen Van
30-Nov-2015Acculturation and global mindsponge: an emerging market perspectiveVuong, Quan Hoang; Napier, Nancy K
24-Aug-2015Adaptation of aquatic insects to the current flow in streamsMazzucco, Rupert; Nguyen, Van Tuyen; Kim, Dong-Hwan; Chon, Tae-Soo; Dieckmann, Ulf
Capstone Project _ Admissions Office System _ Final Report.pdf.jpg2011Admission Office SystemTrung, Nguyen Tat; Dung, Huynh Anh; Toan, Phung Khac; Ha, Nguyen Thi Ngan Ha; Long, Nguyen Hai; Trinh, Nguyen Thi Tuyet; Viet, Nguyen Tuan
2013Adobe Illustrator CS6 RevealedBotello, Chris
2014Advertising & IMC: Principles and PracticeMoriarty, Sandra; Mitchell, Nancy; Wells, William D.
Airline Booking System based on Cloud Computing.pdf.jpg2014Airline Booking System based on Cloud ComputingLâm, Hữu Khánh Phương; Võ, Minh Đạt; Nguyễn, Thái Lâm; Bùi, Bá Diệp; Trần, Đức Phú
Aloha.pdf.jpg2015AlohaDuong, Tran Binh; Nam, Nguyen Hoang; Sang, Nguyen Van; Thang, Dao Duy
2012Analog Fundamentals: A Systems ApproachFloyd, Thomas L.; Buchla, David L
2004Analyses on Gold and US Dollar in Vietnam's Transitional EconomyVuong, Quan Hoang
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1466


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