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Title: Timekeeping and Labor Payroll Systems in factories
Authors: Ngô, Đăng Hà An
Đinh, Hữu Tài
Nguyễn, Huỳnh Đức
Đỗ, Hoàng Quốc Khánh
Trương, Thế Thọ
Nguyễn, Hoàng Tuấn
Keywords: Capstone Project
Đồ án Tốt nghiệp
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: FPTU HCM
Abstract: At present, factories or companies in Vietnam often fall into a passive situation when arranging shifts, arranging workers to suit work and time. In addition, when the legislation regulates tax or insurance frameworks, updating the pay formula for consistency becomes difficult. We propose the attendance management solution for magnetic card attendance. Each worker (or employee) will have his own card to record the start and end times of each shift. Magnetic card management is necessary, due to the fast and easy way to write multiple deletions. Compared with many similar systems, our system is a web application, no installation, nor dependent on the environment. We also provide tools to help payroll efficiency, flexible change when the tax regulations or premiums change, contributing to the reduction of wage difficulties mentioned above. And the stand out function of the system is informing the administrator of the current staff situation, helping to quickly identify missing employees and prioritize the right person to the most suitable shift.
URI: http://ds.libol.fpt.edu.vn/handle/123456789/2207
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